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What We Do

ABA Therapy

In-Home Services

ABA Therapy is provided in numerous settings for all types of people of all ages and any intellectual level. We provide ABA in an office, home, school, and daycare or in the community. Each person is unique and treatment is tailored for each individual. 

Most of the services we provide are done in the homes of our clients. This is provided to make receiving quality healthcare by A Core Connection providers easier and more convenient.

Individual Therapy

Whatever issues or symptoms our clients are experiencing can be treated in a comfortable one-on-one environment. Our services are designed to help people experiencing challenges in their lives ranging from adjustments to life stressors, to difficulty in daily functioning, to more significant behavioral and/or emotional concerns.

Family Therapy

Family counseling may include parents, siblings, children, relatives, or others relevant to the psychological health of one’s family. Bringing health and wellness to a family is often as important, if not more, than working with just one person individually. Our symptoms and troubles are often alleviated more quickly and meaningfully when addressed in relation to those around us.

In-School/Daycare Services

Is your child having difficulties to being in daycare or school? Is he/she acting out, being defiant, unable to complete tasks? We can help! Services can be provided in school as well as in the home. 

In-Office Services

We offer in office appointments for those who prefer to be seen in an office setting. These appointments are made by each individual clinician to fit your scheduling needs. 



We currently offer internships for Behavior Analysis certification provided by a BCBA who has experience in Developmental Delays, Extensive Verbal Behavior Therapy and treatment in the Mental Health field. 

We are advocates for helping people to get the resources they are seeking even if it is not from us. Please click on the "Read More" button to view additional resources. 

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