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FAQ's on Therapy

Welcome! We are here to help. This resource page is specifically intended to provide you with beneficial information to support you in making your decision. 

At A Core Connection, our mission is to strengthened our community and improve the lives of our clients by delivering excellent behavioral health services tailored to meet their needs. We do this by providing information to questions that parents frequently ask. 

What is Therapy?

Therapy is simply a special kind of conversation. In this conversation you try to understand and/or solve problems and learn to recognize and increase your personal strengths. Depending on the kind of concern you are discussing, what you are trying to accomplish and the approach of your therapist, the conversation may focus more on your past experiences, your relationships or your day to day experiences and ideas and assumptions about yourself and the world.

Therapy is getting help for something that's not working

No one thinks twice about getting medical help for physical pain, but unfortunately, many people feel uneasy about going to see a therapist for emotional pain. If you feel this way, it might be helpful to think of your emotional difficulties as solvable problems which can be addressed in a methodical, time-limited way – though it seems like all a counselor does is listen, you’ll find that they have lots of training and experience helping people feel better.

Getting help doesn't mean you give up control

Sometimes, people believe that agreeing to therapy means you’ve lost your own control and independence – that your therapist will tell you what to do.  Actually just the opposite. Participating in therapy means you’re taking control of things – you are facing your difficulties and learning to cope with and solve your problems. In fact, therapy works best when you take an active role in your treatment – you’re encouraged to give feedback about what’s working and what isn’t working.

Where are services provided? 

Services are provided in a variety of settings. We offer services In-Home, In-School, In-Office, In the community as well as through Telehealth. 


Reach Out To Us

If you have additional questions or would like guidance regarding a particular topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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