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Behavior Analysis

When most people hear the term "ABA" or "Behavior Analysis" they tend to think that it is something that is used to help people with Autism or Intellectual disabilities only.  However, Behavior Analysis teaching methods are very effective in teaching a wide range of skills to individuals of all ages and all levels of intellectual functioning. Some of the skills taught could consist of potty training, feeding issues, compliance and changing aggressive behaviors. 

ABA rewards, or reinforces, appropriate behaviors and responses because children are less likely to continue those behaviors that are not rewarded. Over time, reinforcement is reduced so that the child can learn without constant rewards. These teaching methods can be used to teach skills at any location in the home, school, or community (e.g., at the park, in stores, work settings, etc.). In essence, ABA is an effective method to teach anyone skills.

To make a referral for services or schedule an appointment by phone or email, please call our office at        (407) 789-2673 or complete a referral form .

Autism Therapy
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